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  1. Only five ADAPs provide therapies to treat AIDS-related opportunistic infections.
  2. On 23 May 2013 Adaps announced that Rod joined the IT Recruitment specialist as Chief Executive Officer.
  3. Four state ADAPs ( Arkansas, Oregon, South Dakota and Nevada ) have yet to cover any protease inhibitor.
  4. Our Adaps housing program _ it stands for Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program for Students _ has become nationally recognized,
  5. Numerous states have developed restrictive medical criteria for access to the drugs through their ADAPs that violate the federal and international guidelines.
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  7. Specifically, it found that at least 16 states'ADAPs have taken or expect emergency measures to cut costs in fiscal 1997.
  8. A recent survey of ADAPs by the working group found that many programs are incapable of making recommended treatments available to all who need them.
  9. Eleven states and Guam have recently restricted access in their AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, known as ADAPs, which receive state and federal funding to provide medicines to the uninsured and underinsured.
  10. City State is also included in the list of Government Securities Eligible Dealers ( GSEDs ) and is allowed to participate in the electronic auction of government securities through the Automated Debt Auction Processing System ( ADAPS ).
  11. In response, Glaxo, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co ., Abbott Laboratories, Pfizer Inc . and Hoffman-LaRoche Inc . have all recently agreed to freeze prices for their AIDS drugs for ADAPs for at least one year.

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