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  1. A smaller group agrees with Franzen et al . that the higher primates descend from Adapiformes ( Adapoidea ).
  2. Adapiforms belong to the infraorder Adapiformes, which contains a single superfamily, "'Adapoidea " '.
  3. He puts forward a phylogeny in which the higher primates evolved from " Darwinius ", which he groups with other Adapoidea.
  4. Philip D . Gingerich states that the seven Prosimii as an alternative to Haplorhini and Strepsirrhini, depending on the position of Adapoidea and Tarsioidea.
  5. He shows the Adapoidea together with the Tarsioidea as representing early diversification of the suborder Haplorhini and shows the Strepsirrhini as having branched off directly from the earliest primates.
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  7. The group also is sometimes treated as a superfamily ( Adapoidea ) alongside the other living strepsirrhine superfamilies, Lemuroidea ( lemurs ) and Lorisoidea ( lorises and galagos ).
  8. In 2009, Franzen and colleagues placed the newly described genus " Darwinius " in the " Adapoidea group of early primates representative of early haplorhine diversification " so that, according to these authors, the adapiforms would not be within the Strepsirrhini lineage as hitherto assumed but qualify as a stem " missing link " between Strepsirrhini and Haplorrhini.

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