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  1. Bullettes at the adapical ends of the connecting rings are small.
  2. The narrow endosiphotube, left within the adapical portion, may contain diaphragms.
  3. The siphuncle is close to the venter and found only in the adapical portion.
  4. The shell is yellowish brown, with a white sutural line and many prominent white papillae along the adapical border of the whorls.
  5. The columellar edge forms a thick outgrowth which extends over the aperture, provided with denticles which increase in size towards the adapical side.
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  7. Shells are generally straight, beginning with a subcircular cross section in the adapical portion but becoming faintly depressed adorally ( toward the front ).
  8. Shell up to 80 mm, with a moderately high columella; provided with small blunt tubercles and molded over the varix of the preceding whorl but never bearing a distinct plait or denticle on the adapical side.
  9. Rather thin, slightly concave diaphragms are present in the early, adapical, portion . " Weishanuceras ", which came later, also has short straight septal necks, but connecting rings are moderately thick as well as straight, and the siphuncle contains internal, ring-like deposits.
  10. ""'Konglungenoceras " "'is a discorid from the lower Silurian of Europe ( Norway ) included in the Cyrtogomphoceratidae that lacks the septal foramina grasping bullettes at the adapical end of the connecting rings . shells are endogastric and strongly compressed, such that the ventral or siphuncle side is curved inward and the dorso-ventral height is greater than the width.

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