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  1. However, ADAP was not representing Ponta Grossa at this time.
  2. Current ADAP spending in California totals about $ 55.7 million.
  3. ADAP was christened Adap-Ponta Grossa in the competition.
  4. ADAP was christened Adap-Ponta Grossa in the competition.
  5. The new club was named Adap Galo Maring?Football Club.
  6. It's difficult to find adap in a sentence.
  7. ADAP was defeated by Dois Vizinhos in the final.
  8. The primary activity of ADAP is providing prescription medication.
  9. After leaving Yahoo ! he joined San Mateo-based Adap . tv.
  10. On club level she played for Adap in 2012.
  11. The report found that just over half the Texans in ADAP received proper drugs.
  12. Another advantage of ADAP method is the simplicity.
  13. Not for everyone, according to The AIDS Drug Assistance Program ( ADAP ) Working Group.
  14. The 52 ADAP programs are paid for by the federal government with support from some states.
  15. Others get drugs through the state and the federally funded ADAP ( AIDS Drug Assistance Program ).
  16. In the last month the federal government poured an emergency $ 167 million into the strained ADAP system.
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