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  1. It shows an enraged Salinger approaching Adao's stakeout.
  2. Earlier this year, Adao returned to the Salinger beat.
  3. It has also breathed new life into the bank account of stalkerazzi photographer Paul Adao.
  4. Adao's tiny frame has dwindled to bones in grim relief against taught skin.
  5. ADAO annually hosts a conference and " Asbestos Awareness Week " from April 1 7.
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  7. Adao himself is not exactly bookish.
  8. Docas Adao assured a horrified visitor.
  9. Ten years ago, Adao and a partner snapped the first photographs taken of Salinger since 1955.
  10. Reinstein is regularly invited to speak on behalf of the ADAO including at the following recent events:
  11. Still, even some fellow photographers condemn people like Adao and the Paparos for a breach in politeness.
  12. "They're talking about prices I've never heard of, " said Adao.
  13. Aside from being a footnote to literary history, Adao's name endures in the annals of law.
  14. Clavet credited his comeback to his ability to regain his composure after a series of arguments with umpire Adao Chagas.
  15. In 2015, ADAO sponsored a special photography exhibit called " Badges, A Memorial Tribute to Asbestos Workers ".
  16. "Unfortunately, there's no one for us to save, " rescue official Adao Barbosa said.
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