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  1. Nandanar was born in poverty, in Pulaippadi, the Pulai slums of Adanur.
  2. He was a leather maker, who crafted circumambulated the shrine and returned to Adanur.
  3. "' Adanur "'or "'Adnoor "'( also referred to as Aadanooru in local kannada language ) is a village in Holalkere taluk of Chitradurga district in the Karnataka state of Southern India.
  4. The " Wellington Sears Handbook of Industrial Textiles " by Sabit Adanur ( p . 387 ) says that EOD suits have 16 layers of Kevlar, and " The Encyclopedia of High-tech Crime and Crime-fighting " by Michael Newton ( p, 43 ) says that 16 to 18 layers should " " cope with most threats encountered in urban shooting situations " ".
  5. The other defendants ( not on pre-trial detention ), M點ahit Erakyol, Deniz Erki, Tanju Veli Ayd1n, Emre Sezenler, H黶eyin Doanc1, 0smail Bak, Metin Samanc1, Levent G黮men, Ayd1n Ayhan Sara鏾lu, B黮ent Ayd1n, Bora Co _ kun, S黮eyman Erharat, Murat Aslan, Emre Tepeli, 0brahim 謟t黵k, Halil 謟sara? G黵ol Yurdunal, 躮it 謟bek, B黮ent Karaolu, Daylan Muslu, H黶eyin Erol, Mehmet 0nce, Alpay Belleyici, 0smail Z黨t?T黰er, Levent Olcaner, 謟g黵 Erken, Metin Fidan, T黵ker Doanca, Mesut Adanur and Metin Keskin were accused of membership in an armed organization.
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