acute limb ischaemia in a sentence

  1. Acute limb ischaemia can occur in patients through all age groups.
  2. Critical limb ischaemia is different from acute limb ischaemia.
  3. Acute limb ischaemia is caused by embolism or thrombosis, or rarely by dissection or trauma.
  4. Patients that smoke and have diabetes mellitus are at a higher risk of developing acute limb ischaemia.
  5. In the worst cases acute limb ischaemia progresses to critical limb ischaemia, and results in death or limb loss.
  6. It's difficult to find acute limb ischaemia in a sentence.
  7. Compartment syndrome can occur because of acute limb ischaemia because of the biotoxins that accumulate distal to the occlusion resulting in edema.
  8. Acute limb ischaemia is a sudden lack of blood flow to the limb, for example caused by an embolus whereas critical limb ischaemia is a late sign of a progressive chronic disease.
  9. With proper surgical care, acute limb ischaemia is a highly treatable condition; however, delayed treatment ( beyond 6 to 12 hours ) can result in permanent disability, amputation, and / or death.

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