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  1. In 2006, the Acute Care Unit was upgraded to an Intensive Care Unit and the Physiotherapy Program was launched.
  2. By 1992 the bed capacity had increased to 76 with a paediatric ward, a VIP wing and an acute care unit.
  3. While he was being resuscitated, he suffered a cardiac arrest and he was taken to the Acute Care Unit at Gold Coast Hospital in Southport.
  4. Johnson reported a repeat attempt at suicide Monday night by a detainee who was under close supervision in the acute care unit of a new mental health ward.
  5. The Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging, located on the North Naples Hospital campus is an acute care unit for frail elderly that incorporates care specialized for this population.
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  7. In October 2009, when it was originally set to close down the LTCU, the MPTF renewed their operating license of the LTCU and Acute Care Unit for another year.
  8. Certain hospitals, such as Johns Hopkins, maintain mixed units consisting of both acute care units for the critically ill, and intermediate care units for patients who are not critical.
  9. The Services Building contains two offender dining halls, a staff dining room, kitchen, laundry, Acute Care Unit / Nursing-Medical Unit, medical offices, and 2 segregation units of 24 beds.
  10. A 3-year-old boy, his flesh raw from burns he suffered on both legs, is screaming in the acute care unit's tank room ( so called because patients used to be submerged in water during therapy ).
  11. The tower houses a 36-bed NICU, the Oncology Unit, the adult acute care units ( Intensive Care, Surgical Intensive Care, Burn Intensive Care and Cardiac Intensive Care ), Labor & Delivery, and the Surgical Nursing Unit.
  12. A new Heart Center was opened inside the hospital in 2005, containing a new Cardiac Intensive Care Unit ( CICU ), Cardiac Acute Care Unit ( CACU ), angioplasty suites ( catheterization labs ), and electrophysiology labs.
  13. There are many arrangements under which general practitioners can work in the UK . While the main career aim is becoming a principal or partner in a GP surgery, many become salaried or non-principal GPs, work in hospitals in GP-led acute care units, or perform locum work.

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