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  1. "Certainly the acute care hospital industry could use modernization, " he said.
  2. It would become the 27th acute care hospital in the Sutter chain.
  3. The Abrazo system comprises six acute care hospitals including one cardiovascular-specialty hospital.
  4. Free-standing LTACHs are LTACHs in separate buildings from short term acute care hospitals.
  5. "' Palo Verde Hospital "'is an acute care hospital located in Blythe, California.
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  7. The company began 1994 with just one acute care hospital in New Orleans.
  8. "' Florida Hospital Celebration Health "'is an acute care hospital in Celebration, Florida.
  9. It is a 290 bed acute care hospital with a level II trauma center.
  10. "' Emanuel Medical Center "'is a 209-bed acute care hospital located in Turlock, California.
  11. They are a full-service, acute care hospital with 135 beds.
  12. "' Saint Joseph's Hospital "'of Atlanta is an acute care hospital located in Atlanta, Georgia.
  13. The "'Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital "'is an acute care hospital located in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.
  14. The company also operates three full-service pharmacies and manages sub-acute units in acute care hospitals.
  15. Valley Presbyterian is one of the largest acute care hospitals in central San Fernando Valley.
  16. With 746 beds, GHS Greenville Memorial Hospital is the state s largest acute care hospital.
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