actual racing in a sentence

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  1. The rules of the race are fairly similar to the actual race.
  2. Running a marathon, the actual race day is sort of the easy part.
  3. Besides, the real story will be told in an actual race.
  4. His actual race at Monaco lasted less than a lap.
  5. The above results rank all finishers based on actual race time, regardless of handicap.
  6. It's difficult to find actual racing in a sentence.
  7. Drivers in the actual race drove an average speed of.
  8. Actual racing speeds would be; more than slower than qualifying.
  9. Mayor Anthony A . Williams was upset that the actual race was called off.
  10. The five-lap rules applies to practice, qualifying, in addition to the actual race itself.
  11. Meanwhile, the average speed of the actual race would be.
  12. The film is set at a race track and features footage of actual races.
  13. Not even two times really, since he's counting the actual race in Munich last month.
  14. Speeds up to were seen during solo qualifying runs while actual race speeds were merely.
  15. Of course, the actual race rarely fits the plan.
  16. It didn't hold an actual race in the United States until 1959 at Sebring, Florida.
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