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  1. A calibration factor is used to correlate the count to the actual density.
  2. The actual density will vary depending on the processing method and actual stoichiometry.
  3. A calibration factor is used to relate the count to the actual density.
  4. The actual density is about 8 pounds per gallon.
  5. But I do not understand if the actual density was lower how a city was built.
  6. It's difficult to find actual density in a sentence.
  7. :: : Linear density is sort of a specialized unit; you can't cube it and get actual density.
  8. Omega is the ratio between the actual density of the universe and a value called the critical density that is required to support equilibrium.
  9. :I'd like to see a better explanation ( other then mine ) about how relative density conveys more information then the actual density does itself.
  10. Well, there might be an infinite number of them-but they are spread over infinite distances-so the actual density of them can be whatever you could imagine.
  11. Still, both formats encode each data bit as two bits on disk ( because of delimiters that are required at the beginning and end of a sequence, the actual density is slightly lower ).

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