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  1. "The danger is that actual demand won't support the infrastructure being proposed,"
  2. But the snag is that actual demand has increased faster still.
  3. Moreover, production may occur in response to actual demand, not anticipated or forecast demand.
  4. Looking at actual demand tells only part of the story.
  5. There's no indicator of actual demand, however, like sales.
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  7. Semi-finished computers are stored in advance of seeing the actual demand for the finished products.
  8. At the moment the supply of water in Dhaka is supposedly half of the actual demand.
  9. There is almost unlimited intrinsic demand, but market conditions make actual demand a quantity of 0.
  10. "They didn't care about the actual demand, the infrastructure, population nor the overall city development ."
  11. "The actual demand for the device is likely to fall short of expectations, " he said.
  12. Prices rose Monday " more out of panic than actual demand or lack of supply ."
  13. The most important feature of a supermarket system is that stocking is triggered by actual demand.
  14. While one hopes that it is useful, it was not created out of any actual demand.
  15. Actual demand, particularly in the later part of the quarter, proved stronger than they had expected, they said.
  16. But because that is " too good to be true ", their actual demand is literally $ 0.
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