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  1. Its actual deliveries last year totaled 123 aircraft, compared with Boeing's 271.
  2. COTS relates to the development of the vehicles, CRS to the actual deliveries.
  3. One of the greatest challenge for microinsurance is the actual delivery to clients.
  4. No actual delivery took place, and AC remained in control of the machines.
  5. "They've got to get moving on the actual delivery of the network ."
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  7. Orders are one thing _ actual deliveries each year are another.
  8. The actual delivery takes three to six months, according to dealers.
  9. The SIPRI data on arms transfers refer to actual deliveries of major conventional weapons.
  10. During the actual delivery, Kissinger said, everyone was incredibly quiet.
  11. Fry is promoted to Executive Delivery Boy, who no longer goes on actual deliveries.
  12. There are two ways to calculate arms sales : agreements made and actual deliveries.
  13. The sales also allow mining companies to lock-in prices months ahead of the actual delivery.
  14. Futures can also be resold before the actual delivery.
  15. It is not known if the delay in the actual delivery did cost the painter anything.
  16. Ackerman won't discuss the specific reasons, but his partner, Steven Pliskow, 37, did the actual delivery.
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