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  1. Those cuts should be triggered by actual debt reduction.
  2. The actual debt had also been kept from the knowledge of the Bishop.
  3. Still, congressional approval is needed before any actual debt payments can be made.
  4. The actual debts could be more.
  5. At the same time, however, they are strengthening the opportunities for collection of actual debt.
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  7. British officials said the amount of actual debt relief could be as much as dlrs 100 billion.
  8. He said the actual debt was lower when other elements of the partnership were taken into account.
  9. Only 25 percent of a minimum payment goes for the actual debt; the rest goes for interest.
  10. We should be reducing the actual debt every year and leaving those trust funds alone to do their jobs.
  11. But Washington Group said the actual debt totaled $ 700 million, a fact it claims Raytheon has intentionally tried to hide.
  12. That must be balanced against the removal of actual debt from the filer's record by the bankruptcy, which tends to improve creditworthiness.
  13. Helms, Republican of North Carolina, had wanted to withhold dlrs 20 million, but that was reduced by half to more closely reflect the actual debt owed.
  14. Barone also told lawmakers Enron appeared to have intentionally concealed its actual debt by treating nearly $ 4 billion worth of loans as hedges _ instruments used to reduce financial risk.
  15. The publishing of the financial accounts for year 2009 in August 2010 revealed that the clubs actual debt was ?6 million, leading to concerns over the continued existence of the club.
  16. Guedes, however, said the company's actual debt was closer to US $ 700 million, with about US $ 50 million coming due before the end of the year.
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