actual dates in a sentence

"actual dates" in Chinese  
  1. The actual date of her opening statement was Jan . 12, 1995.
  2. For record purposes, the actual date is now fixed as March 17.
  3. The group could announce the actual date a week or so beforehand.
  4. The actual dates of composition of the " Gita " remain unresolved.
  5. It's probably a legend, but it thrives because nobody keeps actual dates.
  6. It's difficult to find actual dates in a sentence.
  7. The actual date of arrival of the first train is in doubt.
  8. So, his actual date of death and location has never been verified.
  9. :: Note that this assumes you had an actual date format column.
  10. The person who comes closest to the actual date is the winner.
  11. It is uncertain how many actually participated, and its actual date is disputed.
  12. The actual dates of this engagement have been lost to time.
  13. The actual date of the formation of the force is unknown.
  14. The actual dates of his reign can only be roughly estimated.
  15. The cause of his death or the actual date is unknown.
  16. Scholars differ, however, as to the actual dates of the documents.
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