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  1. Not that there appears to be any actual danger.
  2. Many experts believe the Harvard study grossly underestimated the actual dangers to patients from iatrogenic or doctor-caused injury.
  3. People with specific phobia experience extreme, disabling, and irrational fear of something that poses little or no actual danger.
  4. In short, too often, the risks people worry most about are out of proportion to the actual dangers involved.
  5. Harry successfully saves him and Ron mocks him gently for thinking that the hostages for the task were in actual danger.
  6. It's difficult to find actual danger in a sentence.
  7. "I knew that in lockup I wasn't in actual danger of being assaulted by anybody . . ..
  8. Adding one million Jews to Israel [ the Soviet immigration ] forms an actual danger to the very fact of our existence.
  9. But these permanent traumatic memories can be set off when the actual danger is long past, and they can cause great suffering.
  10. The Ragusans may have feared Vladislav due to the earlier disputes with him, or Vladislav may have posed an actual danger to Ragusa.
  11. However, once actual danger arises he is quick to take charge and work with others in order to make sure everyone is safe.
  12. There are some things that many people are afraid of in gross disproportion to the actual danger, and education can help dispel those fears.
  13. That the Crown had failed to prove any actual danger or common injury was not considered ( see the critical commentary at ( 1980 ) Crim.
  14. Sam was never in actual danger, but Jason feels bad when it is believed that the only bomb Franco set nearly killed Lulu and Dante.
  15. The majority ruled that prisoners, just like those being arrested, must prove there was actual danger to claim self-defense against a corrections officer.
  16. "This control-freakery represents an actual danger to our democracy if it continues, " lawmaker Ken Livingstone told a left-wing meeting Monday.
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