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  1. It awarded Black $ 4, 675, 640 . 45 in actual damages.
  2. But how much actual damage has been done is not yet known.
  3. Actual damages are not required for a prima facie case of battery.
  4. The other, for those with greater documentation, allowed claims for actual damages.
  5. It also excludes class-action suits and limits Y2K awards to actual damages.
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  7. In some instances farmers'perceptions of the damage may exceed the actual damage.
  8. The appellate court let stand the $ 287 million in actual damages award.
  9. Congress also said plaintiffs no longer had to prove actual damages.
  10. He also upheld $ 27, 000 in actual damages, Aetna said.
  11. Kwon said the actual damage was estimated at only one-tenth the North's claims.
  12. The actual damages being sought are more than dlrs 1 trillion.
  13. The jury ruled that this plaintiff suffered $ 160, 000 in actual damages.
  14. The suit asks for actual damages as well as punitive damages.
  15. The winner may collect triple the amount of actual damages from the loser.
  16. The jury in the BMW case awarded $ 4, 000 in actual damages.
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