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  1. Neighbors and human rights activitists tried to preven the eviction, but had to give up when police brought reinforcements.
  2. Netanyahu freed 250, but the Palestinians complained that most of those freed were petty criminals, not political activitists.
  3. Deputy Chief of Staff Gen . Cevik Bir recently spoke with Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit about urging more action against Islamic activitists.
  4. During apartheid, the church was a refuge for black activitists, and according to locals it was the only place where Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu could say mass.
  5. But he said he would continue a ban on participation by parishes or other Catholic institutions and he said anti-abortion activitists should not make clinic demonstrations a test of commitment.
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  7. He said renewed contacts with Nigeria, which remains suspended from the Commonwealth for the 1995 execution of nine opposition activitists, were " important steps in this process ."
  8. Le Monde, quoting sources close to the investigation, said Monday that, with the arrests, police believe that the inner structure of the network of Breton activitists has been dismantled.
  9. Peace activitists are critical of the operation, charging that it will simply prolong the nuclear establishment in the United States while doing little to persuade would-be nuclear powers to halt their programs.
  10. I find the comments about'whacking the traditional county activitists'on the accusers talk pages to be most concerning-although I do recognise that the comments were not personally made by the accuser.
  11. Abubakar will repeat his message Wednesday to Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Britain and its former colonies, which in 1995 suspended Nigeria over the execution of nine human rights activitists.
  12. In the run up to the 2015 General election, the issue of hunger in the UK became somewhat politicised, with right wing commentators expressing scepticism about figures presented by church groups and left leaning activitists.
  13. AIDS specialists and community activitists said the new findings would sow dismay among gay and bisexual men, in particular, who have largely limited unprotected anal sex in response to AIDS, at least in the past.
  14. Many more pro-democracy activitists remain missing and the leaders of the military coup have not been punished, fueling the anger of Thailand's pro-democracy activists who have seized upon the latest scandal with vigor.
  15. Meanwhile, a coalition of grassroots activitists and leaders, including the Rev . Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and People for the American Way, considered legal action of their own . ( Eversley, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ).
  16. On a pair of 6-0 opinions, the justices upheld the rulings of two state judges, both of whom had said the ballots should count even though local election officials permitted Republican activitists to add information to the ballot applications.
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