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  1. There is also a children's hands-on activity room and a gift shop.
  2. There is an activity room and an exercise room in the complex.
  3. Aside from the gym, the community centre also contains dedicated activity rooms.
  4. The auditorium serves as an activity room for extra curricular activities.
  5. It provides a common activities room, television lounge, post office boxes, and library.
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  7. A pentagonal activity room opens into two adjoining rooms beyond the kitchen area.
  8. The activity room is also used as a classroom and totals.
  9. They apparently failed to lock the ward's activity room at lights-out.
  10. Place of awakening, kindergarten hosts an activity room ( with a floor damping ).
  11. Flowers were donated for the chapel, wards and Activity room.
  12. The Union has more than 26 meeting and activity rooms and eight dining kiosks.
  13. In 1967, Wilson Hall served as an administrative center, library, cafeteria and activity room.
  14. A large ballroom had been constructed in 1868 / 69 as a patients'social activities room.
  15. The main wing contained various workshops and activity rooms.
  16. Next, a wing was added to the main house with a chapel and activity rooms.
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