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  1. The physical activity level is then the time-weighted average of the physical activity ratios.
  2. The receivables turnover ratio is an activity ratio, measuring how efficiently a firm uses its assets.
  3. Each activity is connected to a number, the "'physical activity ratio " '.
  4. Because their abundances are normally quoted as activity ratios rather than atomic ratios, they are best considered separately from the other radiogenic isotope systems.
  5. Uranium is well mixed in the ocean, and its decay produces 231 Pa and 230 Th at a constant activity ratio ( 0.093 ).
  6. It's difficult to find activities ratios in a sentence.
  7. A high organ specificity is important because the injected activity should accumulate in the organ under investigation, as there should be a high activity ratio of the target organ to nontarget organs.
  8. Again, people who mainly delete ( or archive ) the talk-page messages, posted by others, should be considered as an additional part of the silent majority, beyond the edit-activity ratios.
  9. Experimentally, the ratio of activities of the 8 stereoisomer racemic mixture to the natural vitamin, is 1 to 1.36 in the rat pregnancy model ( suggesting a measured activity ratio of 1 / 1.36 = 74 % of natural, for the 8-isomer racemic mix ).
  10. The activity ratio of the inside ( subconscious ) and outside ( surface consciousness ) that partitions the body of ideas is usually about 2 : 8 or 1 : 9 . Consequently, the zone of ideas, which is the part where both of these consciousnesses are mixed together, is considered as the part where the impact of surface consciousness is extremely large ( easily biased by the five organs of sense, or easily influenced by the environment ).

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