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  1. He was active in his business for 75 or 80 years,
  2. No one can properly object to religious groups being politically active.
  3. He is third among active NFL players in interceptions with 38.
  4. Anyone in the active practice of electronics knows about these patents.
  5. Uncommonly active for a freshman, Klein deserves re-election.
  6. It's difficult to find active in a sentence.
  7. The book is aimed at people who are still fairly active.
  8. Justice Clarence Thomas took an uncharacteristically active role in the argument.
  9. The park is spectacularly beautiful, ecologically diverse and geologically active.
  10. He is active within several community organizations in the Midland area.
  11. He was also active in his country's Liberal Party.
  12. He had a very active part in everything that we did.
  13. "I'm an active supporter of Bill Clinton.
  14. Real-life players are a lot more colorful and active.
  15. Active owners do business this way, from their beach houses.
  16. Religious and civil rights organizations are also playing an active role.
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