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  1. Their civic action projects focused on the Trust Territories of the Pacific.
  2. Project activities range from seminars, conferences, and training workshops to community-action projects.
  3. NJROTC cadets and units must complete civic action projects and community service.
  4. Willinger has also done a few live-action projects, co-starring in the Champs ".
  5. Community liaison ensures that mine-action projects address community needs and priorities.
  6. It's difficult to find action projects in a sentence.
  7. Wan formed the AIZHI Action Project in 1994 after leaving the Health Ministry.
  8. The Juniors in the troop must decide on an individual Take Action Project.
  9. Disney is taking an equally frugal approach with some live-action projects.
  10. Also opening will be Miramax's action project " In Too Deep,"
  11. Paul S . Hudson, director of the Aviation Consumer Action Project in Washington, said.
  12. Aviation Consumer Action Project : http : / / www . acap1971 . org
  13. Aviation Consumer Action Project : http : / / www . acap1971 . org/
  14. Paul Hudson, executive director of the Aviation Consumer Action Project, was even more blunt.
  15. Executive director, Aviation Consumer Action Project, an airline-passenger advocacy group.
  16. The reboot is a live-action project featuring a fully Batman.
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