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  1. Their civic action projects focused on the Trust Territories of the Pacific.
  2. Project activities range from seminars, conferences, and training workshops to community-action projects.
  3. NJROTC cadets and units must complete civic action projects and community service.
  4. Willinger has also done a few live-action projects, co-starring in the Champs ".
  5. Community liaison ensures that mine-action projects address community needs and priorities.
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  7. Wan formed the AIZHI Action Project in 1994 after leaving the Health Ministry.
  8. Also opening will be Miramax's action project " In Too Deep,"
  9. Disney is taking an equally frugal approach with some live-action projects.
  10. The Juniors in the troop must decide on an individual Take Action Project.
  11. Aviation Consumer Action Project : http : / / www . acap1971 . org
  12. Paul S . Hudson, director of the Aviation Consumer Action Project in Washington, said.
  13. Aviation Consumer Action Project : http : / / www . acap1971 . org/
  14. Paul Hudson, executive director of the Aviation Consumer Action Project, was even more blunt.
  15. Executive director, Aviation Consumer Action Project, an airline-passenger advocacy group.
  16. The reboot is a live-action project featuring a fully Batman.
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