action programme in a sentence

  1. They expressed solidarity with the action programme of the teachers.
  2. This is supported within the College by the Empowered to Take Action programme.
  3. There had been limited affirmative action programmes before.
  4. From 2007 to 2013, Eurodesk was part of the Youth in Action programme.
  5. JCD cancels action programme, THE INDEPENDENT
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  7. YSEE is also a member of the European Union's action programme to combat discrimination.
  8. HALO is the largest implementing agency of the Mine Action Programme for Afghanistan ( MAPA ).
  9. This block broadcast both action programming and anime programming before it was removed in April 2011.
  10. Social action programming was particularly successful.
  11. Illusion's initial lineup includes anime, live-action programming, news and talk.
  12. Abdullah said his proposal for the action programme was unanimously accepted by all the Foreign Ministers present.
  13. Ross Finnie, the Environment Minister of the National Curriculum and the Sustainable Schools Year of Action programme.
  14. Physically, through summer work camps and developmentally, through community action programmes, fundraising and conference organisation.
  15. It outlines an action programme for each strategy geared towards achieving adequate protection of the country's resources.
  16. The action programme was suggested because we wanted to see OIC cooperate more on development of its member countries.
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