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  1. This is the quantum-mechanical counterpart of the action principle in classical mechanics.
  2. The scattering amplitudes were derived systematically from the action principle by Virasoro conditions.
  3. The Lagrangian mechanics formalism was generalized further to handle action principle, written as:
  4. Evolution equations for the discrete system can be derived from a stationary-action principle.
  5. Hertz's principle is also a special case of the least-action principle.
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  7. This deep connection requires that the action principle be assumed.
  8. The "'action principle "'can be extended to obtain the equations of motion for gravity.
  9. This action principle results in the Euler Lagrange equation:
  10. He also promised entrenchment of strong affirmative action principles, a program criticized by white opposition groups.
  11. The action principle can be generalized still further.
  12. However, such conservation laws are automatically satisfied for physical theories that are derived using an action principle.
  13. Richard Feynman's path integral formulation of quantum mechanics is based on a stationary-action principle, using path integrals.
  14. This De Donder-Weyl Hamiltonian form of field equations is action principle in the calculus of variations ).
  15. We can ( and this is the most common technique ) derive the geodesic equation via the action principle.
  16. To take the metric and affine connection as independent variables in the action principle was first considered by Palatini.
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