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  1. Gingrich told a dinner attended by contributors to his political action committee.
  2. Even Rep . Gingrich himself is captain of one political action committee.
  3. The main disagreement is over restrictions on contributions by political action committees.
  4. He told reporters his first political action committee formed earlier this month.
  5. He has a political action committee that contributes to other GOP candidates.
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  7. And I thought only political action committees hedged their bets like that.
  8. His political action committee will give him the means to do so.
  9. We will not accept contributions from corporations or from political action committees.
  10. It was in 1969 that Ethel Lawrence founded the Springville Action Committee.
  11. Gingrich has been a major recipient of money from political action committees.
  12. He also said he would not accept donations from political action committees.
  13. She also served on Tom Bradley s Hollywood Mobility Action Committees.
  14. The report was made by the residents action committee chairman A.
  15. Local level SOBSI electoral action committees were formed throughout the country.
  16. (BBOX ) Senator Kennedy will accept contributions from political action committees.
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