action and action in a sentence

  1. During his tenure student teams translated imagination into action and action into tangible impact.
  2. We had to take action and action was taken by the law, " he added.
  3. We must be seen to be taking continuing action and action that is quick, including the surveillance of each other,
  4. Perception and action processes are functionally intertwined : perception is a means to action and action is a means to perception.
  5. When Burger circulated his very grudging affirmation of McMillan that limited future action and action in other areas by the Court, he met strong resistance.
  6. It's difficult to find action and action in a sentence.
  7. The causality is said to be applicable not only to the material world but also to our thoughts, words, actions and actions that others do under our instructions.
  8. Unlike Captain Action and Action Boy, the Super Queens dolls were each individually based on a singular superheroine ( instead of a base " Super Queen " doll with interchangeable outfits ).
  9. There exists a small set of cases ( e . g ., workers'compensation actions and actions under the Federal Employers Liability Act ) that are barred from removal under all circumstances.
  10. It should require at least two week's notice ( that is, two weeks prior to the action date ), with the proposed action and action date clearly specified in the site-wide notice.
  11. EN 1991-2 defines imposed loads ( models and representative values ) associated with road traffic, pedestrian actions and rail traffic which include, when relevant, dynamic effects and centrifugal, braking and acceleration actions and actions for accidental design situations.
  12. Accumulating evidence from functional neuroimaging studies, as well as lesion studies in neurological patients indicates that the right inferior parietal cortex, at the junction with the posterior temporal cortex ( TPJ, temporoparietal junction ), plays a critical role in the distinction between self-produced actions and actions perceived in others.

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