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  1. But so far , there have not report about forest soil microbe and soil enzymatic activity in westen sichuan . the study ' s object is bitch forest . spruce forest , fir forest , chrysanthemum alp , willow community and two couch grass , so the research of the soil microorganisma , soil enzymatic activity in the subalpine coniferous forests in western sichuan is significant to china . the result shows that : 1 . in the soil , the relativity of the soil microbial puantity is very prominence , the relation with the quantity of the soil microorganism is that : bacillus > actinomyceto > fungi ; the amount of the microorganism of physiological group sequence ranging from high to low is : aminate > bacteriumazotobacter > denitrify bacterium > nitrobacteria > cellulose decomposing bacteria . under the different vegetable community , the microbial quantity is that : s5 > s7 > s6 > s1 > s2 > s4 > s3
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