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  1. Actinomorphic flowers are also called radially symmetrical or regular flowers.
  2. In the tribe Ochneae, all of the species have actinomorphic flowers.
  3. Both types are actinomorphic and pentamerous, with five petals.
  4. The flowers are actinomorphic made up of five long petals.
  5. In the Mimosoideae, the flowers are actinomorphic and arranged in globose inflorescences.
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  7. The flowers are hermaphroditic, actinomorphic, often showy.
  8. Actinomorphic corollas are pale orange below and darker above.
  9. Flowers actinomorphic, petals white with purplish keel.
  10. They are also actinomorphic with three larger outer tepals and three more inner and smaller ones.
  11. They are hermaphrodite, pentamerous and actinomorphic, accompanied with scaly silver bracts bigger that themselves.
  12. Flowers can have either one or many planes of symmetry; that is either zygomorphic or actinomorphic.
  13. The flower is hermaphrodite, actinomorphic, with 6 tepals, distributed in two whorls that overlap.
  14. The flowers usually hang down and are more or less regular ( radially symmetrical or actinomorphic ).
  15. The flowers are most often bisexual and actinomorphic, occurring in racemes or panicles, and often fragrant.
  16. Flowers actinomorphic in cymose inflorescences, very small, corolla brick-red, tubular, 5-lobed.
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