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  1. Actinomorphic flowers are also called radially symmetrical or regular flowers.
  2. In the tribe Ochneae, all of the species have actinomorphic flowers.
  3. The inflorescence has 3-5 campanulate actinomorphic flowers, about in diameter, with five free sepals and five free petals.
  4. "' Peloria "'or a "'peloric flower "'refers to an aberration in which a plant that normally produces zygomorphic flowers produces actinomorphic flowers instead.
  5. ""'Ramonda " "'is a genus of three species of flowering plants in the perennials which form rosettes of crinkly leaves with nearly actinomorphic flowers, borne on leafless stems in spring.
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  7. ""'Jovibarba " "'( " beard of actinomorphic flowers with about six petals, while " Sempervivum " have generally pinkish flowers with around twice as many petals, which open more widely than jovibarba flowers.
  8. :Considering the first image, it appears to be an actinomorphic flower, which as best as I can see has four sepals, four small pink petals, and some absurd number, maybe over 100 stamens, hiding any gynoecium that might be present.
  9. Leaves succulent, simple and entire reddish in sunny positions, the basal leaves in rosettes, hairless, spathulate, 3-6 x 1-2 cm, the higher leaves are thinly glandular and spirally arranged . the numerous actinomorphic flowers are greenish or reddish, gathered in a cylindrical panicle.

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