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  1. It is a natural chemical compound first isolated from the actinomycete " Actinomadura rubra ".
  2. L-31-CLO-002 from Fuerteventura Island, Canary Islands, Spain, and Actinomadura sp.
  3. The genus " Actinomadura " is one of four genera of actinobacteria that belong to the family Thermomonosporaceae.
  4. Some of the strains from which ICZ compounds have been found are Actinomadura melliaura in Bristol Cove, California, " Streptomyces hygroscopicus " in Numazu Prefecture, Japan, Micromonospora sp.
  5. Ciufolini and Swaminathan oxidized a primary alcohol to carboxylic acid with KMnO 4 in aqueous NaOH during the obtention of a rare amino acid derivative needed for the preparation of antibiotics isolated from " Actinomadura luzonensis ", a microorganism found in a soil sample collected in Luzon island in the Philippines
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