act action in a sentence

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  1. "You can't act words, and you can't act emotions, you can only act actions.
  2. In 2014 he published a double 10 " with the UK noise act Action Beat.
  3. If the patient had gone for treatment voluntarily, there would have been no need for a Baker Act action.
  4. The Poincar?group acts action, which is continuous in the norm topology of \ mathcal { A } ( M ) ( Poincar?covariance ).
  5. The defendants claimed to have evidence of illegal hunting taking place and were asking the court to accept this as a defence to the Harassment Act action.
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  7. In 1971, Allen undertook the appeal of a North Carolina homeowner who had brought a Federal Tort Claims Act action against the United States for property damage to his house allegedly caused by the sonic boom of military aircraft carrying out a training mission over North Carolina.

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