across grain in a sentence

  1. Cut tri-tip across grain and at an angle into very thin slices.
  2. Remove duck breasts from smoker, cool slightly, then slice thinly across grain.
  3. Thinly slice fish across grain to make pieces about 1 by 2 inches.
  4. This helps dislocation movement along grains and across grain boundaries.
  5. 3 pounds pork butt, cut across grain into 3 pieces about 2 inches thick
  6. It's difficult to find across grain in a sentence.
  7. If tenders are not available, slice chicken breasts across grain into 1 / 2-inch-wide strips.
  8. Slice brisket across grain 1 / 4 inch thick.
  9. Cut chicken across grain into 1 / 2-inch-wide slices.
  10. Carve across grain into 1 / 2-inch-thick slices.
  11. Slice meat 1 / 2-inch thick across grain.
  12. Slice steak thinly across grain of meat.
  13. Cut beef across grain into thin strips.
  14. Slice pork across grain into thin slices and serve with apples, which will have dissolved into a sauce.
  15. NOTE : Carve ham across grain.
  16. Cut across grain into thin strips.
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