across front in a sentence

  1. Justice had no idea his comments would be spread across front-page headlines.
  2. Huge crowds watched and the winners were splashed across front pages.
  3. We watched newspapers delivered from a car cutting a swath across front yards.
  4. The French press trumpeted the scandal across front pages on Friday.
  5. It had two rows of three seats, where its competitors had two-across front seating.
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  7. Directly across Front Street, the one-time Montgomery Ward store is now called Antique Corner.
  8. Defections across front lines in Afghanistan are a common occurrence.
  9. Fighting around Srebrenica erupted after weeks of rising tensions and commando-style raids across front-line positions.
  10. The arrest was splashed across front pages in most of the main newspapers in the country.
  11. Both the Croatian army and Serb rebels have reinforced troops across front lines in the region.
  12. Many were killed, but most of those evicted were herded across front lines into government-held territory.
  13. The count increased rapidly until an estimated 64, 000 fatalities were widely reported across front pages.
  14. Emaciated, dying people reaching hospitals in the east and across front-lines speak of massive hunger there.
  15. Meanwhile in Croatia, the two sides have built up forces across front lines in an eastern sector.
  16. The journey took the boats across front lines up and down the Congo, Ubangui and Lua rivers.
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