across flats in a sentence

  1. Serendipity joined my search when I came across flats of Crystal White zinnia.
  2. He made color masses curve, hook and tumble across flat space.
  3. By this time Chinese expansion across flat agricultural country had reached a natural geographical limit.
  4. This is difficult to explain, but think of how one travels across flat cultivated country.
  5. The course included 52 kilometers ( 32 miles ) of bumpy cobblestones across flat farm fields.
  6. It's difficult to find across flats in a sentence.
  7. Rams would get up and move 30 miles across flat burning desert to another mountain range,
  8. Take screws : ISO 272 specifies widths across flats; ISO 4757 deals with cross recesses, ISO 7721-1 deals with countersunk heads.
  9. Historically, flood irrigation was the most common method used, whereby large amounts of water are allowed to run across flat vineyard lands.
  10. In addition to the causeway across Flat Rock Tickle to the mainland, a second causeway has connected Pilley's and Triton Island since 1968.
  11. But after years of rapid decline, even that threatens China's business capital, which sprawls across flat land less than 10 feet above the Huangpu.
  12. Occasionally, in violation of Israeli army rules, a young man darted across flat rooftops, many covered with lines of brightly colored laundry, to visit a friend.
  13. It then ran across flat grassland beside the runway, before going diagonally over a substantial earth mound adjacent to the airport boundary, becoming semi-airborne as a result.
  14. They were originally designed to be used together with MBTs and infantry in rapid maneuvers during an assault across flat and forested European areas in nuclear conditions.
  15. In fact, after brief firefights along the border early on Friday, there were no reports of clashes as the division's troops raced across flat, virtually featureless desert.
  16. Petrenko believes that his ski brake could be hugely useful for beginners, and also for cross-country skiers who want better purchase when traveling across flat ground or climbing hills.
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