acquirement in a sentence

"acquirement" meaning  "acquirement" in Chinese  
  1. The acquirement is to be fully completed in the end of 2015.
  2. His varied acquirements won him the friendship of John Dryden ( cf.
  3. New social media accounts were created soon after the acquirement.
  4. Gallus was a man of political talent and acquirements.
  5. In November 2016, Olivier Novasque drives the acquirement of BrightTarget and IKO System.
  6. It's difficult to find acquirement in a sentence.
  7. Shortly thereafter, ImpediMed finalized their acquirement of California-based company XITRON Technologies.
  8. His tastes and his acquirements gave him little insight into the practical business of administrative government.
  9. From his musical acquirements he was known as " Patrick's psalm-singer ".
  10. It was M . Peterson & S鴑's first acquirement in the field of packaging.
  11. In November 2016, Olivier Novasque drives the acquirement of BrightTarget, a British predictive field.
  12. This financial aspect of educational acquirement proves as yet another consideration in the reproductive nature of education.
  13. An important development occurred in the mid-70's with the acquirement of a Sportsfield.
  14. Secondary school ends two years later on the acquirement of a certificate ( licencia de ense馻nza media ).
  15. In 2004, the average educational acquirement of the adult population in OECD countries was 11.9 years.
  16. Lady Murchison was an amiable and accomplished woman, with solid acquirements which few ladies at that time possessed.
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