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  1. Against that backdrop, the role of acquiree seems a strange one for U . S . Filter.
  2. Unless two companies actually recapitalize themselves with a new stock, there is always an acquirer and an acquiree.
  3. He added that some might question the deal because of Hicks, Muse's connection to both the acquirer and the acquiree.
  4. "It makes it clearer what the thrift's value is, whether we are an acquirer or an acquiree,"
  5. For merger negotiations, the SC said the acquirer and the acquiree are required to appoint an independent auditor to perform due dilligence audits.
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  7. Local companies tend to be the acquirer, like Weyerhaeuser, now bidding to buy Portland-based Willamette Industries, rather than the acquiree.
  8. With 2002 revenue of $ 1.6 billion, Siebel Systems " looks a lot more like an acquirer than an acquiree,"
  9. He said there aren't any offers on the table and the company intends to be the " acquirer rather than the acquiree ."
  10. "I just don't view Fleet as a potential acquiree anymore, " said Loomis Sayles & AMP; Co . analyst Steven Wharton.
  11. "I continue to see Con Ed as more of an acquirer than an acquiree, " said Jay Dobson, senior energy analyst at Deutsche Banc Alex.
  12. Noting that in the quarter, Cnet bought four smaller companies, Minor said, " I see us more as an ` acquirer'than an ` acquiree . "'
  13. "When you start thinking about poison pills, it's because you're worried you might be the acquiree instead of the acquirer, " said analyst Robert Trace with Principal Financial Securities.
  14. "Being combined ( with the Bank of New York ) may not be a very pleasant experience for the acquiree, " said David Beim, a Columbia University finance professor and former investment banker.
  15. If America Online Inc . chief Steve Case succeeds in his bid to buy Time Warner Inc ., his strategy could be summed up by a headline that once appeared in the acquiree's flagship publication.
  16. Extended Stay America shares rose 22 percent on news the lodging chain will be acquiree fy a private-equity firm, Blackstone Group, for $ 1.99 billion, plus the assumption of $ 1.13 billion in debt.
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