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  1. Examination showed that the serous cells and mucosal cells were aligned in the acinus.
  2. The secretory cells of each acinus surround a small " intercalated duct ".
  3. In prostate cancer, the abnormal cells spread beyond the boundaries of the acinus and form clusters without basal cells.
  4. Each sac ( acinus ) has one end that can open and close ( dilate ) to allow the mucus out.
  5. As ducts travel from the acinus which generates the fluid to the target, the ducts become larger and the epithelium becomes thicker.
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  7. This protein suppresses the transcription factor E2F1-induced apoptosis and also interacts with, and negatively regulates acinus, a chemotherapeutic drugs.
  8. The SAF-A / B, Acinus and PIAS ( SAP ) domain is located at the N-terminal of PIAS proteins.
  9. They remain fully contained within a prostate acinus ( the berry-shaped termination of a gland, where the secretion is produced ) or duct.
  10. The latter can be demonstrated with special staining techniques ( immunohistochemistry for cytokeratins ) to identify the basal cells forming the supporting layer of the acinus.
  11. Some sources consider " lobar " ducts to be the same as " interlobar ducts ", while others consider lobar ducts to be larger and more distal from the acinus.
  12. Lastly, both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous stimulation can lead to myoepitheilium contraction which causes the expulsion of secretions from the secretory acinus into the ducts and eventually to the oral cavity.

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