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  1. Generally, the smaller the lemon the more acid it is.
  2. Call it Corporate America on a well-supervised acid trip.
  3. He was either on acid or he was out to lunch.
  4. The first step is to dissolve a fuel rod in acid.
  5. Now acid jazz may be poised to enter the American mainstream.
  6. It's difficult to find acid in a sentence.
  7. To be effective the acid has to be 99 percent pure.
  8. The sales of cosmetics containing alpha hydroxy acids are going strong.
  9. Bile acids have been associated with colon cancer in previous studies.
  10. Some vitamin supplements, such as folic acid, are essential.
  11. The vitamin in question is folic acid, a B vitamin.
  12. Citric acid and lysine were made by Whitacre's division.
  13. Hallucinogenic acid, or LSD, costs $ 5 a hit.
  14. The acid attacks the lime in the mortar, removing it.
  15. As Elgart points out, alpha-hydroxy acids do work.
  16. It is producing 530 tons a day of the acid currently.
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