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  1. Such acid-base reactions can also be used for titrations.
  2. Hydrogen gas is liberated in a typical acid-base reaction.
  3. Conventional glass ionomers are chemically set via an acid-base reaction.
  4. Acid-base reactions are a specific type of gas evolution reaction.
  5. Membranes contain additional components, some of which can participate in acid-base reactions.
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  7. This was the first acid-base reaction with a hassium compound, forming sodium hassate ( VIII ):
  8. All GICs contain a basic glass and an acidic polymer liquid, which set by an acid-base reaction.
  9. Vinegar is acetic acid, so what you are creating is a classic chemical reaction called an acid-based reaction.
  10. Most acid-base reactions are fast so that the components of the reaction are usually in dynamic equilibrium with each other.
  11. In 1923 chemists Johannes Nicolaus Br鴑sted and Thomas Martin Lowry independently recognized that acid-base reactions involve the transfer of a proton.
  12. However, it should quickly rise as the heat released by the acid-base reaction will be much greater than that lost to solvation.
  13. :: : Historically, titrations didn't just involve acid-base reactions, but also other reactions such as redox and precipitations.
  14. Because carbon dioxide is released at a faster rate through the acid-base reaction than through fermentation, breads made by chemical leavening are called quick breads.
  15. Hydrogen atoms moving " without " electrons would be protons, so would not be redox reactions, such as in many acid-base reactions.
  16. :As far as I know, cocaine isn't worth synthesising from scratch, so the chemistry is pretty basic acid-base reactions and purification.
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