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  1. Aciculata is divided into suborders Eunicida and Phyllodocida.
  2. ""'Ocinebrina aciculata " "'is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae, the murex snails or rock snails.
  3. Aciculata is a large group including about half of all existing polychaete species and is equivalent to the old taxonomic group " Errantia ", worms that can move about freely by crawling or swimming.
  4. The animal's name is derived from the Aboriginal word " barduk ", meaning " near ", alluding to the aforementioned likeness with " S . aciculata ".
  5. The species name " aciculata " derives from many sources : the Latin word " acicula " which means  a small pin for a headdress, and the adjectival suffix for nouns " atus ", meaning possessive of or likeness to something ( with, shaped, made ), while for verb participles it means a completed action.
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  7. ""'Sphaerosyllis bardukaciculata " "'is a species belonging to the phylum Annelida, a group known as the segmented worms . " Sphaerosyllis bardukaciculatan " is similar to " Sphaerosyllis aciculata " from Florida; its chaetae are almost identical; the former, however, differs by having longer antennae and anal cirri, as well as parapodial glands with granular material.

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