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  1. "Vermilacinia acicularis " was described in 1996.
  2. Spjut also had adopted the V . acicularis ".
  3. "P . acicularis " is probably the most abundant species of the genus.
  4. The conidiophores of " P . acicularis " are 30 ?m long, and unbranched.
  5. The thallus of " Vermilacinia acicularis " has a cortex up to 100 microns thick.
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  7. "Eleocharis acicularis " is sold commercially as a aquascape plant suitable for inclusion in artificial aquatic environments.
  8. "Pilophorus acicularis " is a tripartite lichen containing a fungus, a green alga, and a cyanobacterium.
  9. ""'Vermilacinia acicularis " "'is a fruticose lichen that occurs in the Channel Islands of California.
  10. And right below the white pansy is another large white flower, with 5 distinct petals, that I think may be a Rosa acicularis.
  11. ""'Sperata acicularis " "'is a species of bagrid catfish Bago, and Great Tenasserim River systems of Myanmar.
  12. Analysis of small subunit ribosomal DNA sequences showed " P . acicularis " to be more closely related to the Cladoniaceae, rather than the Stereocaulaceae.
  13. Common shrub associates include : " Ribes lacustre, Lonicera involucrata, Cornus sericea, Rosa acicularis, Symphoricarpos albus " and " Acer glabrum ".
  14. Tall heaths with plants up to 2m ( Orites acicularis, Leptospermum rupestre, Coprosma nitida ) are usually found in areas of better drainage usually with a rock strewn surface.
  15. "Eleocharis acicularis " is an annual or perennial spikesedge with long, grasslike stems to about 15 centimeters in height, shorter in bog conditions, from a creeping rhizome.
  16. They pass the winter eating rice plants, cyperaceae weed, japonicus steud, eleocharis acicularis, eleocharis Kuroguwai Ohwi, potatoes, frogs, snails, viviparidae, grasshoppers and so on.
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