achieve in a sentence

"achieve" meaning  "achieve" in Chinese  
  1. Some people achieve celebrity and others have it thrust upon them.
  2. Such change is difficult to achieve with psychotherapy, he said.
  3. I want to do my best, to achieve my goal.
  4. He supported employer mandates as the best way to achieve that.
  5. There are many ways to achieve this in New York City.
  6. It's difficult to find achieve in a sentence.
  7. But some of the models coming out achieve partial cost savings.
  8. Dickerson is not sure that true progress will ever be achieved.
  9. You have to believe it and achieve it and do it.
  10. Much less of it is required to achieve the same high.
  11. But that does not mean that peace will be easily achieved.
  12. Cook said on Thursday that the company had achieved that scale.
  13. But we can achieve many of our objectives through commercial engagement.
  14. If we achieve that, the speed is not so important.
  15. Achieving that kind of concentration is a never-ending task.
  16. But without it what has already been achieved remains at risk.
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