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  1. He contested the Achham-2 constituency, coming second with 11740 votes.
  2. There is a airpoart in Kamalbazar of Achham District.
  3. Those killed included the top district administrator of Achham, the police officer said.
  4. On Monday, the army killed 13 rebels in neighboring Achham and Surkhet districts.
  5. Project facilities will be located in three districts : Surkhet, Dailekh and Achham.
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  7. Kamalbazar is municipality in Achham District of Nepal.
  8. Kamalbazar is a trade centre for east Achham.
  9. Within Nepals own borders, the kingdoms of Achham, Doti and Jumla openly revolted.
  10. Local dailies in Katmandu said more than 170 people have died in Bajura district and 80 in Achham.
  11. According to him, 29 people have died in Achham district, 12 in Bajura and seven in Jajorkot.
  12. Stretching over the four districts of Achham and Doti it covers an area of and ranges in elevation from to.
  13. Main festival jupu gaon is Chaitraasthmi which is celebrate by all castes and communities through the part of Achham District.
  14. Two rebels were gunned down in Achham district, 400 kilometers ( 250 miles ) west of the capital, Katmandu.
  15. Khadka said that security in Achham district, where Maoist rebels had killed 137 people over the weekend, has been beefed up.
  16. Last weekend, rebels killed 137 police officers, soldiers and civilians in an attack on the Achham district headquarters and a nearby airport.
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