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  1. Secondly Acheta and others conspired to violate,, and of US Code.
  2. Almost all crickets farmed in the United States are " Acheta domesticus ".
  3. A virus Acheta domesticus volvovirus has been isolated from the house cricket ( " Acheta domesticus " ).
  4. A virus Acheta domesticus volvovirus has been isolated from the house cricket ( " Acheta domesticus " ).
  5. Until the mid-1950s, native field crickets in eastern North America were all assigned to a single species, " Acheta assimilis"
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  7. Others, such as the Madagascan hissing cockroach ( " Gromphadorhina portentosa " ) and European cricket ( " Acheta domesticus " ) are sold as pets or fishing bait, and are then released into backyards.
  8. Unlike house crickets ( " Acheta domesticus " ), field crickets are not able to adapt to a residential environment due to constraints in their life history traits and consequently, the insect will not live through the winter.
  9. The larvae of the field cricket hatch from eggs in 7 8 days, while those of Acheta domesticus develop in 11 12 days . Development of the larvae in a controlled, warm ( ) farm environment takes four to five weeks for all cultivated species.
  10. Tulsidas claims to have received the story through his guru, "'Narharidas "'. Tulsidas was a naive ( Acheta ) child and the story was stored in his mind ( Mnasa ) for long before he wrote it down as " Ramcharitmanas ".
  11. Building upon the pioneering work of Fulton, Alexander used male calling song, life history and crosses between putative species to revise the taxonomy of gryllines in the eastern United States, and recognized five species, although at the time they were still classified in the genus " Acheta ".
  12. In the southern part of Asia including Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, crickets are food conversion efficiency of house crickets ( " Acheta domesticus " ) is 1.7, some five times higher than that for beef cattle, and if their fecundity is taken into account, 15 to 20 times higher.
  13. His albums include the solo piano recording " Zero One " ( Origin, 2006 ); an album with Okinawan singer Yasukatsu Oshima; a collaboration with electronica artist Mary Acheta called " The Near Forever " ( 2009 ); and " 羥rea " ( ArtistShare, 2009 ), which was nominated for a 2009 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album.

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