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  1. And Twinkies to give them stomach-aches, I guess.
  2. "He's having aches and pains,"
  3. I don't have any aches and pains ."
  4. Two other people and I got tummy aches because of her.
  5. Winning solves all those little headache and heartaches and all aches.
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  7. Her heart aches for displaced war veterans who roam the streets.
  8. A lot of neck strain, headaches, sometimes stomach aches.
  9. The symptoms were similar : high fever, aches and coma.
  10. Aches and pain also can pierce a pitcher's psyche.
  11. I know your heart aches, and we ache for you,
  12. Or at least as close as his lingering aches will allow.
  13. Alas, new pains and aches don't conclude careers.
  14. Feeling 50 and aches and pains are bothersome, but manageable.
  15. Body aches, chills and fatigue are also typical flu fare.
  16. Gesser has had no shortage of aches and pains in Pullman.
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