aches for in a sentence

"aches for" in Chinese  
  1. Her heart aches for displaced war veterans who roam the streets.
  2. Who wouldn't mind trading a few body aches for a rested soul?
  3. Now, she aches for the little things.
  4. So moved, my heart aches for them.
  5. Now my heart just aches for her.
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  7. My heart aches for her, " said Glenda Silvis of Crestline, California.
  8. My heart just aches for them.
  9. Taking one more small step forward, for a country that aches for every step back.
  10. The movie aches for more humanity.
  11. Her fragile voice aches for reassurance and healing when she sings'Will it grow cold?
  12. What happens to stop Lazaro Luna from marrying the lovely Mariquita, the woman he aches for?
  13. If he plays pickup basketball, even at half-speed, he aches for a week.
  14. Halloween is no longer just about ghouls, goblins and morning-after tummy aches for kids.
  15. Steve aches for a child, but Meredith sees no place in their busy lives for distractions.
  16. She aches for everything : love, solace, the devotion of her fans, a child.
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