aches and pains in a sentence

"aches and pains" in Chinese  
  1. Every player has aches and pains in his back, neck and shoulders,
  2. Helps to reduce stress, relaxes the body and ease aches and pains.
  3. These people are motivated to go regardless of the aches and pains.
  4. I know everybody has injuries and aches and pains, but . ..
  5. -- Are you feeling more aches and pains than you used to?
  6. It's difficult to find aches and pains in a sentence.
  7. Steve Nash is nursing various aches and pains, including a sore hamstring.
  8. Treat aches and pains from arthritis or headaches before going to bed.
  9. ACHES and pains are common when age catches up with you.
  10. Now baby boomers are having more aches and pains and feeling the pinch.
  11. The students are prime candidates for aches and pains, experts say.
  12. The normal aches and pains of aging slow down once-spry spouses.
  13. The aches and pains that afflict Mike Piazza have surfaced early this season.
  14. Arie Luyendyk's aches and pains had nothing to do with age.
  15. I would love just to play where I have just aches and pains,
  16. For aches and pains, try local applications of heat and rest.
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