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  1. The pioneers in production were M閚ard and Luc d'Achery.
  2. During the French Revolution the castle was destroyed and Achery became an independent commune.
  3. One of the most famous Maurists, Luc d'Achery, was professed in Vend鬽e.
  4. His letters are in Luc d'Achery's Spicilegium, volume I, 473 sqq.
  5. The biography was edited by d'Achery and Mabillon in the " Acta Sanctorum Ord.
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  7. D'Achery was the soul of the Maurist movement, and a type of the medieval Benedictine, humble and self-sacrificing, virtuous and learned.
  8. Chantelou was also a collaborator in the publication of important Benedictine historical collections, " e . g . " the " Spicilegium " of Luc d'Achery.
  9. This life was printed by Luc D'Achery, and in Jean Mabillon's " Acta Sanctorum Ordinis S . Benedicti ", III, ii . 389 98, ed.
  10. After teaching humanities for a short time to the junior monks at Pontlevoy, he was, at the instance of Dom Luc d'Achery, sent to the Abbey of St-Germain-des-Pr閟, Paris.
  11. D'Achery collected the historical materials for the " Acta Ordinis S . Benedicti " but Mabillon added so much to it in the way of prefaces, notes, and " excursus " that it is justly accounted as his work.
  12. Among the natives of the diocese may be mentioned : Pierre Ramus ( 1515 72 ), Jean Racine ( 1639 99 ), La Fontaine ( 1621 95 ), Dom Luc d'Achery ( 1609 1685 ), Charlevoix ( 1683 1761 ), Camille Desmoulins ( 1760 1794 ).

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