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  1. This leads to a very different art historical classification of Achenbach.
  2. Achenbach's work consists of around 2, 000 paintings.
  3. It is also not clear why Achenbach left the Academy in 1841.
  4. During his professorship, Achenbach continued to undertake many trips.
  5. In parts of some paintings, Achenbach increasingly dispensed with detailed figures.
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  7. In the following years, Achenbach made numerous trips.
  8. Running such a household was expensive and necessitated Achenbach to produce many paintings.
  9. Achenbach launched a review of KarstadtQuelle's businesses after taking charge in June.
  10. By this time, Achenbach's painting was already well-known internationally.
  11. The current Head of School is Nina Achenbach BA ( QTS ), NPQH.
  12. Moments later, the announcement came, and Achenbach's face fell even further.
  13. Achenbach launched a review of the company's businesses after taking charge in June.
  14. In March 1863, Achenbach became the Professor for Landscape Painting at the Kunstakademie D黶seldorf.
  15. In the early 1950s, Achenbach advocated for the amnesty of the German war criminals.
  16. At many events, Achenbach took an active part, directing, playing or staging plays.
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